The Tharu people are an ethnic group originating from southern foothill of the Himalayas. Mainly Tharu people live in the Terai region of Nepal. It is said that they have lived in the forests of Chitwan for hundreds of years. Tharus have rarely gone abroad for employment and thus is isolated from the rest of the world. In this isolation, they have developed and preserved unique culture without any influence from mountain groups in Nepal.

The Tharus are mainly known for their magnificent home decoration styles, decorated rice containers, homemade clay utensils, etc. They are also known for large families. Earlier there could be 40-50 members in a family living under the same roof. With these distinctive living style and culture, people all over the world love to know more about the Tharu community. We can help you to study and experience the most eccentric and uncommon society of Nepal.

The Tharu cultural program is organized at Sauraha, Meghauli which entertains the tourists and introduce the Tharu culture and tradition. When in Chitwan, a visit to Tharu cultural program is a must. Viewers get full entertainment by dances, local wines, and traditional foods. Major dances you will get to see are Mayur dance, Danda Nach(Stick Dance), Ago Dance(Fire Dance). The show generally starts at 6:00 pm to 8:00 or on demand. This program is organized at two places in Chitwan. First one is Sauraha as mentioned above and the second one is Meghauli.

Along with the dance, you will also get to know about songs, musical instruments such as madal, flute, Pilhru, etc. You can try playing these instruments after the program is over. And our guests are welcome to participate in the dancing on the stage after the official program is over.

How to get this service

You can contact us for booking, and we will take you to the place where this program is organized. We will also help you to know more about the society, culture, and people living in the area. We have been running these packages for a long time thus we can assure you the best of us.

What to expect

You can expect 6-7 dances performances by women and men group separately. It can be bit crowded as the hall has seats for 200 people. You will see something you have never seen before but don’t expect it to be highly broadway show. You will enjoy each minute of the show as local tradition is shown in the show.

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