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Chitwan National Park worth the popularity it has. The park has many features to offer in your expedition to its varied biodiversity through activities like jungle safari, jungle ride, elephant ride, and canoeing. Throughout your journey in the park, you can feel tired and weary, but, the park also provides you a way to calmness, canoeing. Floating in the water will give a chance to calm you from the long journey giving you the outside view of the dense jungle and from where you can see wildlife’s sitting in a wooden canoe.

Canoeing in Chitwan National Park is done in the Rapti River from where take a closer look in gharial crocodiles and other animals; this is not self-canoeing, so all you have to do is to be clever and look shrewdly, so you do not miss the sight of wildlife. Now, you might be doubting on the skill on canoe driver after all Rapti River is the habitat of crocodiles, but do not work, those drivers have been on this profession for a long time, and they know everything that should be done if any circumstance occurs.

Your canoeing in Rapti River can be both group and solo, either way, you have to take a guide with you. It will be best if you visit Chitwan National Park during winter especially from December – February as animals comes out in the open area for sunbath, and you will have a greater chance of witnessing the varied wildlife. While canoeing in Rapti River, you will see some of the exotic species of animals who come to the river to drink water or to bask in the warmth of the sun during winter. Marsh muggers and several varieties of fish can be spotted too, and if you are lucky, then you may see a Gangetic dolphin too. Chitwan is known to have about 600 species of birds and some birds like kingfishers, ospreys, and egrets can be spotted while canoeing.

By your canoe ride, it is also possible to reach another reach another tourist spot of Chitwan, Jagatpur, which is about 18 km downstream from Sauraha.

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