A home away from home; with better with comfort and luxury, blend with the excellent architecture and fine woodwork

Chitwan Boutique Hotel is one fine example of the perfect blend of traditional and modern means. Characterized by the aesthetic interior, fine structure, deluxe amenities and hospitable manners of our staffs, in Chitwan Boutique Hotel you will feel relaxed as well as rejuvenated. Chitwan Boutique is a distinctive hotel with superior design, complemented by modern amenities. The excellent craft in wood panels features Nepalese and Tharu traditional style in a very elegant way. The cornices fixed on the architrave are supported by columns, and each wooden pillar is skillfully carved with images of different Hindus as well as Buddhists deities.

At the center of our hotel premises, you can simples laze around at the manicured lawn and immerse in the soothing sound of stone-carved fresh waterspouts where you can also bask in the warmth of the sun during the winter season. You will also witness the fine woodwork from the hotel entrance gate to the stairway and up in your well-appointed rooms and dining hall too.

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